Flat bottom bags

Our premium flat-bottom bags are food-safe and sealable. The tear notch also makes opening the bag much easier. The side gusset and the block bottom allow the bag to hold a higher volume than comparable bags on the market. The flat bottom allows the bag to stand very well even when unfilled, making this bag particularly suitable for semi-automatic and fully automatic filling.

Our flat-bottom bags are ideal for dry products such as spices, herbs and tea. Equipped with an aroma protection valve, these bags are also ideally suited for coffee and other outgassing products.

Conformity :

The flat bottom bags are food safe and are tested at regular intervals by an independent laboratory.

Quality :

Our stringent quality controls ensure consistent product quality. For this purpose, random samples are taken and analysed at regular intervals. At the same time, the raw materials of the suppliers are inspected under strict controls. Laboratory analyses of the raw materials complete our quality promise.

Barrier :

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and special material structures, the flat-bottom bags have a very good barrier in all materials.

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